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Sofie Chatagnon

Osteopath D.O.  (Maidstone U.K.)
M.A. Counseling Psychology c. with emphasis in Depth Psychology

Sofie Chatagnon originally is from Belgium. She studied Osteopathy at The University of Wales in Maidstone UK.


Sofie worked as an Osteopath in a group practice in Fribourg and Bienne. In 2003 she opened her own practice together with her husband in Montreux/Vevey.

Sofie’s work as an osteopath  led  her into further exploration of somatic pain and the links between the psyche and the body. In 2010 she moved to California to begin graduate study in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Depth Psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Since February 2013, she works in Yverdon-les-Bains. Since March 2015 she also works in Vevey.

As a practitioner, Sofie‘s approach is holistic, creating a safe container with the client. Her deep listening and empathetic attunements create the possibility to explore the origin of physical and emotional pain using the techniques of “active imagination” based on the work of Carl G. Jung.


Treatment of newborns, children, adults and pregnant women.


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